Jewellery Care

Camille Louise Jewellery pieces are made with precious materials and metals fulfilling the most stringent selection criteria. Depending on their properties, certain materials require specific care.

To preserve the beauty of your jewelry piece over time, we recommend the following daily considerations and precautions, to preserve your pieces as long as possible:

Daily wear:
We recommend that you avoid exposing your piece to scent, soap, chemicals (chlorinated or salty) or to high temperatures (such as prolonged sun exposure); cosmetics, as these could affect its color and aspect. It is best to wait until scent and cosmetics are completely dry before wearing your jewelry. 

Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly.

Brush the jewellery delicately with a very soft small brush in lukewarm soapy water, carefully rinse it in lukewarm water and wipe it with a soft cloth.Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly.

You should always protect your jewellery from any potential knocks. As diamonds are the hardest of all precious stones, it may become broken or ground down by repeated blows.

  • Regularly check the prongs and settings of your stones. 
  • If the stones start to lose their shine or take on a dull appearance, clean with the instructions above or contact a jewellery store to clean your pieces.
  • Proceed to polishing as it can remove or limit scratching on gold surfaces. The process had a impact on the removal of a fine layer of metal. Please minimise to twice in the lifetime of a piece of jewellery made of white gold or three times in the lifetime of a piece of jewellery made of rose and yellow gold.