Conscious & Responsible Luxury

Camille Louise Jewellery

© Gemstone partners

Ethical sourcing

Our coloured gemstones:

We are proudly sourcing our natural coloured stones from certified gemstones partners and affiliated to Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), International Gemstones Association (ICA), Natural Gemstone & Jewellery Authority and Sri Lanka Export Development Board among others. 

CLJ is working with worlds leading partners.Together with their invaluable experience in the world of gemstones, spanning decades, we aim to deliver the highest quality precision of sapphires and coloured gemstones in our jewellery creations. We contribute to promote local economies and cultural heritage to preserve the traditional crafts of cutting gemstones by hand – a technique that dates back 3000 years traditions.

The factories employs local communities and follows a vertical integration, as the gemstones are manufactured and cut in house. The manufacturer implements responsible business practices in a transparent and accountable manner, throughout the daily running of their business and operations. By supporting local craftswomen and men, they follow a complete ethical process from start to finish. 

The brand’s sapphires are graded for clarity as per the diamond industry parameter and we use the grading between LC (loupe clean) to EC (eye clean) . 

Our diamonds:

All of our diamonds are sourced from Sightholder (De Beers Group) and the majority are certified Tracr (Blockchain traceability) according to the highest ethical standards and certified with the Kimberley process. The diamonds sourced origins are from India and Africa. We use diamonds which are graded in colour D-G and IF-SI. 

Our gold and production & craftsmanship:

Camille Louise’s jewellery pieces are handmade from ethical recycled 18K gold in their ateliers in Switzerland and Europe. The ethically sourced materials and the people behind the creation of the pieces are key components for the brand. It may take from a few weeks to several months to manufacture one jewellery piece.

Our team and our ethics:

We have poured our passion for aesthetics, quality, craftsmanship, and handmade work into each of our jewellery pieces. We have a highly qualified team, with each person working in their area of expertise and most importantly are passionate about what they do.

With this mindset, it was natural for Camille Louise’s mother-daughter founders to implement these practices in their work environment and to commit to sustainability practices.