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The Maison’s story

It was during a journey through Asia and Sri-Lanka, a country that was known as Ratna-Dweepa “the island of gems” along with, where the brand’s story began discovering the world of extraordinary gemstones. Aline, the CEO &  co-Founder  of CLJ was captivated by the mesmerizing world of gemstones during a 1997 trip to Sri Lanka, a passion rooted in a love story two years prior. Twenty years later, Aline and Camille revisited Sri Lanka invited for an internship by world-renowned gem-cutting in Ratnapura (City of Gems), which sparked the brand’s inception in 2018 and officially in 2020.

With a commitment to excellence, traceability and ethics reflected in their stones transparency, CLJ incorporate Web 4.0 & blockchain technology to ensure ethical supply chain from mining to masterpiece. The majority of materials that CLJ creates the jewellery from are sourced sustainably, while supporting and preserving cultural heritage and craftsmanship. CLJ seamless blends French “savoir-faire and art de vivre” aesthetics with Scandinavian minimalism design.

Camille Louise Earrings

Credit: Tavish Gunasena 

Only the best

 The collections echo the silhouette of the brands preferred cut – the mesmerising trillion cut – encapsulating elegance & minimalism.

The brands collections are inspired both from the Scandinavian design and the chromatic combinations of the finest quality rainbow sapphires sourced in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

The stones are hand-selected, ensuring the highest quality of cut gemstones found on the market today. In the form of a prism, this cut refracts surfaces at an acute angle with each other and separates white light into a spectrum.

All pieces are crafted exclusively with 18K recycled rose, yellow and white gold. Characterised by their high quality, superior craftsmanship, and striking colour nuances are ethically and responsibly sourced, with a sustainable and traceable approach. Camille Louise Jewellery S.à.r.l based in Züg Canton, Switzerland, and the jewellery is 100% handcrafted by manufacturers located in Europe and Switzerland and gem-cutting ateliers in Sri Lanka.

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