CLJ’s Cabinet of Curiosity XR jewellery box

Following a successful pre-launch at the Goals House (Freud’s Group) during the UNGA 78th at Climate Week in New York in collaboration with CLJ’s (B2B) agency GEM-XR (London), the maisons are proudly celebrating the unveiling of these two collections which blend craftsWOMANship innovation and sustainable luxury while offering direct-to-consumer and direct-to-avatar pathways. CLJ maison, based in Zug and Geneva Switzerland, are redefining the experience of luxury jewellery with their collections and minimal environmental impact, affirming their commitment to the UN Global Sustainable Goals (SDGs) as they pioneer the future of luxury jewellery across digital and phygital experiences.

“We are thrilled to offer immersive experiences reflecting our passion for innovation and jewellery. The maison’s approach, integrating technology and sustainability, is a catalyst for positive change in the industry and beyond” co-Founders Aline d’Ambricourt and Camille Louise Merré & commented about this launch.

Powered by SPIN, the technology enables CLJ to transform valuable physical assets into phygital NFTs and make them available through a new experience-to-order model in mixed-reality (MR). CLJ’s multisensory ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ XR powered digital box. The maisons are celebrating their launch by releasing an inaugural genesis drop, which grants access to six exclusive drop boxes and, simultaneously, five unique wearables ‘Serendipity’ avatar earring collection. Each of these releases stands alone and is available for individual acquisition, inviting the maison’s esteemed community to explore the enchantment aesthetics of each piece. Each drop offers a multi sensory experience exploring all six senses and empowers community co-creation, access to bespoke VIP events, and exclusive opportunity to engage with new releases like Apple Vision Pro along with world premieres of CLJ’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations. From coded enigmas, gamified levels, mysterious ornaments, the exclusive drops are not just tangible luxuries, access to by-invitation-only VIP experiences in Singapore, Dubai, Riyadh, London, Paris and many more. These are not merely pieces of jewellery, they are embodiments of ethical elegance and narratives crafted through blockchain, promoting sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity in the industry.

Serendipity” digital-only earrings on “Hemera” 

With each of the six drops evoking one of each of the six senses (hearing, vision, smell, taste, touch and mind): CLJ is at the crossroads of multi sensory, bespoke gems with partnerships with limited editions of one-of-one luxury experiences and products. The digital jewellery and artifacts can be experienced on SPIN in AR, VR and MR in addition to the AR mannequin. Each of the six box drops will be shared exclusively, with availability limited to genesis holders. The ‘Cabinet of Curiosity XR jewellery box’ at CHF 250 and the ‘Serendipity’ earrings are available at CHF 300. The combined count of product boxes and earrings is eleven, subtly alluding to the first drop of the six and forthcoming phygital launches.

CLJ in partnership with SPIN.Fashion, has committed to the SDG goal 17 to bring forward the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity XR jewellery box’ and ‘Serendipity’ high jewellery earrings for avatar. The earring features a design inspired by the silhouette of a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck and prosperity. Crafted in titanium and embellished with diamonds, it mimics the silky and glimmering texture of the emblematic plant. The chosen color blue-turquoise, is symbolic of SDG Goal 6 and serves as a tribute to the inspiration drawn from the oceans, reflecting the maison’s commitment to sustainability. Embracing a digital-only approach for this first launch, CLJ aims to minimize carbon footprint and promote environmental consciousness. These pioneering creations provide a multi-sensory experience combining physical and virtual realms, represented by the maison’s distinguished avatar ambassador, ‘Hemera’.